Walmar: About Us

Supplying the B2B market with Personal Protective Equipment for over 30 years

Offering value-added solutions is in our DNA

For over 30 years in the distribution business, we have become a trusted supplier of business solutions for our customers establishing long-term, solid partnerships for companies nationwide.

Our HQ is based in the city of São José do Rio Preto, Northwestern region of São Paulo state and linked to São Paulo city and other major industrial areas. At the intersection of the Southern and Mid-Western regions we are served by major interstate highways, close to Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás states. We also have a distribution center located in the city of Arapongas, Paraná state to cover the Southern region of Brazil.

Our product expertise

Our Technical Sales consultants holds decades’ worth of expertise dealing with customers’ issues. With our products, we aim to improve productivity, minimize safety risks and reduce associated costs. Our main product lines are:

  • Safety Equipment: We are one of the top suppliers in Brazil. We are able to quickly identify potential risks and recommend the correct products to your occupational health team.
  • Abrasives: We offer various material types, sizes and formats (discs, belts, sheets, foams) for every kind of application (grinding, cutting, sanding, polishing or cleaning).
  • Industrial Adhesives and Packaging solutions: Our line of products cover a wide array of applications, such as automatic box closing machines, automotive industry, among others, especially double sided 3M VHB tapes.
  • Converted and made to order items: We can customize shapes and dimensions for non-standard machines and die-cut parts of abrasives and adhesives. Our industrial unit can convert sanding belts, foams, tapes and double-sided adhesives among other products into oversized sanding applications (over 1000mm) and technical parts (e.g. home appliance, automotive industries, metallurgy, furniture).

Why choose us?

Our services and products have already made their way on some of the biggest industrial groups in Brazil: the combination of long term relationships, value added services, tailored customer service and competitive pricing has always been our target. Our key account sales team is able to accommodate your requests and provide quick feedback on order statuses, contract assessment and product reviews.

Looking for a Business Supplies partner in Brazil? We are here to help you. Our team is ready to answer your inquiries!

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